Promotional Gifts for advertising in Singapore

Promotional Gifts Supplier in Singapore

Promotional gifts are usually given away by businesses in order to promote or provide exposure to upcoming new products or brand. Some corporate companies uses this to make existing customer have a brand recall of the former existing product. Some uses them to bring in another product into the market.

This can be seen when one purchases a product in a shop and have a little promotional gift attached to it, which act as a purchase bonus. These purchase bonus are free gifts mainly use for advertisement and promotional purposes. Free promotional gifts are usually upcoming new products which want to create some awareness for themselves and free so that customer would not hold back to purchase the product.

In addition, most business attached the main selling product with the gift so that the customers do have any choice but to purchase the product. Some customer even purchase the main product even though they don’t need it, as they want the free gift attached to it. This seems to be a “win win” strategy for both

When there are cases of new product being introduced by a business, some people are not always open to sampling out the products and therefore giving it as a form of attached gifts on the main product is perfect for this case. By doing this, it allows people to link the credible of the familiar popular products to its upcoming products.

For trusted and existing customer, they may be attracted to buying more of their favourite products because of the promotional gift attached to it. And after trying out the new products and finding it worth purchasing, these customers will start to purchase the new products. As such, the promotion gift strategy to penetrate the market is achieved.

Most of the time, customers need to be guided to purchase a new product and using gift hamper will do the job. Most of the time, you can see this strategy being used for new products and even public events.

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