Door gifts in Singapore

Door Gifts Supplier in Singapore

Door gifts in Singapore help to create a lasting impression to your guests who attend your corporate events. As old fashion as door gifts may sound, they help promote and retain brand awareness among the attendees. As such, corporate gifts are high sought after by companies and event coordinators. Most events usually give out complimentary door gift to serve as a remembrance for attending the events.

Non-woven bag door gifts

Corporate gifts that serve functional purposes are one of the most popular types of door gifts.  These items include, power banks, pens and travel necessities. Why? Not only do functional door gifts provide brand recall but are also useful to the recipients who can use your corporate gifts for daily usage.

Door gifts thumbdrives singapore


At, our experienced team can help to customise your door gifts with your company logo to your expectations. With our established clientele portfolio, be assured that our professional team will assist you in creating your very own customised door gifts for your important event. At your event, you will be able to give away your printed gifts as great functional souvenirs for your esteemed guests or customers.

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